Monthly Archives: April 2012

Presentation for NEOOUG – Recap

On Friday, I presented 2 presentations for the Northeast Ohio Users Group and came away feeling pretty good. The presentations were on Execution Plans and Index Myths, and both seemed to be pretty well received. I lost one of my slides in the Explain Plans portion, but other than that it went pretty smoothly (at least for me). If you are interested in the slides they are on my presentations page.

I came away very impressed with the group at NEOOUG. There were probably around 30+ people in attendance and overall the group was very willing to engage and make the presentation into more of a discussion, with not only good questions but also personal insights that added a lot of value to the presentation. I was meaning to take a picture of the group between the sessions, but unfortunately that got lost in me trying not to forget everything I wanted to cover. Hopefully I will be able to present to the group again in the future, as it was a great deal of fun.