SQL Plan Management – Adding a desired plan

I have just started looking into SQL Plan Management, so the next few posts will probably be focused around it. As a quick background, SQL Plan Management lets you “lock in” a plan for Oracle to use for a specific SQL statement. This way when stats change, or data is added, Oracle will continue to… Read More »

Third International NoCOUG SQL & NoSQL Challenge – Coming Soon

Iggy Fernandez just let me know that the Third International NoCOUG SQL & NoSQL Challenge will be starting on Monday. I really enjoy these challenges and seeing the creative answers people come up with. I am sure this year will be no different. —- The Third International NoCOUG SQL & NoSQL Challenge sponsored by Pythian—Love… Read More »

NEOOUG Oracle Training Seminar – Day 2

NEOOUG wrapped up yesterday, with 2 talks each by Cary Millsap and Rich Niemiec. I have seen Cary speak before, and never get tired of it. He is a natural teacher, making everything so simple to understand. Rich is a very entertaining speaker as well, and it was fun hearing about stories from Oracle’s early… Read More »

NEOOUG Oracle Training Seminar – Day 1

Day 1 is complete. The venue at Cleveland State is awesome, and the presentations were all high quality as well. My presentation went through decently, although I stumbled in a few spots. The questions I got were good, and makes me feel I need to add more to the presentation about how to use the… Read More »

NEOOUG Two Day Oracle Training Seminar

Preparing for the NEOOUG seminar next week, and have come up with my schedule. Luckily for me there is 30 minutes between the prior presentation and when I present, so I will have plenty of time to set up without having to duck out early from the previous session. Below is my planned schedule for… Read More »

Presenting at NEOOUG Two Day Oracle Training Seminar

I will be presenting my “Executing Explain Plans and Explaining Execution Plans” presentation at the NEOOUG Two Day Oracle Training Seminar in Cleveland. This will be a great conference, and I am amazed at how cheap it is for the quality of presenters. I am more impressed with the people of NEOOUG every time I… Read More »

Presentation for NEOOUG – Recap

On Friday, I presented 2 presentations for the Northeast Ohio Users Group and came away feeling pretty good. The presentations were on Execution Plans and Index Myths, and both seemed to be pretty well received. I lost one of my slides in the Explain Plans portion, but other than that it went pretty smoothly (at… Read More »

Presenting for NEOOUG – March 30

I will be giving 2 presentations for the Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group in Cleveland on March 30. I will be doing my presentation on Execution Plans that I did at OOUG last year. I will also be doing a presentation on Index Myths that I am currently putting together right now. I will post… Read More »

Steven Feuerstein High Performance PL/SQL Seminar in Columbus

OOUG is hosting a one day seminar by Steven Feuerstein on April 16. The seminar is titled “Higher Performance PL/SQL and Oracle 11g PL/SQL New Features”. If you are in the Columbus area and work with PL/SQL, you will want to be there. Steven is the world’s leading expert in PL/SQL and by far one… Read More »