NoCOUG SQL Challenge #2 – It’s On!

By | February 15, 2011

The 2nd NoCOUG SQL Challenge is officially underway!

After some thought, I figured out the pattern in decoding the message. Luckily I remembered that Iggy likes recursive SQL, so I had a feeling that would be involved. Using a quick PL/SQL script, I proved that my theory for decoding the message actually words, so now I just need to convert that to SQL. Unfortunately recursive table expressions are a 11g feature and my install of 11gR2 is currently down and in need of being rebuilt, so that makes things much more difficult. Since I am currently sans 11gR2 database, (and by the time I get it up and running again there are sure to be many great solutions posted using recursive queries), I am going to try to solve this on a 10gR2 database. I have some initial thoughts how this might be done, but have yet to prove anything out yet.. Wish me luck, this is sure to get pretzely indeed!

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