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Presenting for NEOOUG – March 30

I will be giving 2 presentations for the Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group in Cleveland on March 30. I will be doing my presentation on Execution Plans that I did at OOUG last year. I will also be doing a presentation on Index Myths that I am currently putting together right now. I will post… Read More »

OOUG Presentation

I presented on Explain Plans and Execution Plans at todays OOUG meeting, and had mixed emotions. I got through everything and didn’t leave out anything too important that I wanted to say, but it definitely didn’t go as smoothly as I was hoping for. I did hear some nice feedback though, so I guess it… Read More »

Presenting at OOUG: Jan 20

I will be presenting at the Ohio Oracle Users Group meeting on January 20. My presentation will be on making sense of execution plans. I will post the presentation here once it is complete. It will be my first Users Group presentation, so hopefully it goes alright, and at least one person learns something new!